Sampson is settling in quite nicely!  His brother was a bit apprehensive at first but after a day, they are getting along just fine, tugging and running muddy paw prints through the house… lol   He’s doing quite well at potty training, however he is a work in progress :). He does know sit and “no bite” (we know now why he was named fang). Our whole family + extended and friends love him. We have been keeping him at our property only (11acres) until he completes all his vaccines- we definitely don’t want him to be exposed to PARVO or any other virus.  The fist couple of nights were a bit “loud” but he’s now sleeping through until about 1am, then back to bed.  That is fine, because our big guy also wakes at 1, so at least they are on the same schedule-lol

We do plan on getting his DNA tested- have any of the other new families done it yet? If so, could you share?  If they haven’t – we will share results when we do it! 

Sampson, aka Sammie, is a great addition to our family, thank you! 

Sampson, formerly Fang, was adopted in January 2023.