Snickerdoodle (Snickers)

March 2023 update:  Snickers(Snickerdoodle) adopted 12/22/22 and  his brother Oliver. They play and run and roughhouse twice a day…. But they have become true bonded friends❤️❤️ thank you!!
We are in LOVE with Snickerdoodle/Snickers (Braxton)….he is just a soft, sweet, gets along with everyone type of boy!  His brother dog Oliver (8 year old mini aussie shepherd) is getting a workout playing and doing  zoomies with Snickers.   Snickers plays with ALL of the toys we have bought over the years for our past dogs.  They have just been waiting for him, as Oliver plays exclusively with balls.  Snickers chases the ball and brings it back and hands it to us. Working on potty training….using the belly bands in between..a god send! Our two grand sons…4 yr and 6 yr are in love with Snickers. Only growling has been when Oliver got cranky at first with a new dog in the house….but Snickers wasn’t phased in the least. He barks at cats and horses on TV and loves to go for a ride.
Thank you!!
Snickers, formerly Braxton, was adopted in December 2022.