Sochi arrived at NCCR on 1/2/21, surrendered when her owner was deployed for four years of military service and no one was available to take care of her. It took until May for her to find a home, but I’m sure she thinks it was well worth waiting that long to find the perfect family!

Sochi is doing great!! She has adapted well and is beginning to understand this is her house and she is ours.  We are not changing her name, she eats well, sleeps great in her new bed, house training behavior is great, and she is very friendly to people. We don’t know yet how she is going to act around other dogs. When someone in the neighborhood is walking their dog, Sochi just looks and don’t seem to care (probably a good sign). She is a sweetheart and we are very glad she is here.

Sochi was adopted in May 2021.