His new name is Waldo, he wouldn’t answer to the other names he had, but when I said “Where’s Waldo” he came running to me from his hiding spot. So the name kinda fit him. He has been doing great though. Everyday he is taking a step forward. He gets along well with his new brothers, has even started to wrestle and play with one. He didn’t want to eat the first few days. I had to mix a little chicken in with his food to get him interested and feed him alone in the bedroom. I slowly put less chicken in his bowl and now he eats in the kitchen with the other dogs. He even shared a drink out of the water bowl while another one was drinking! A couple days in, he was rolling on his back for belly rubs from me. That’s when I knew he felt safe. He loves to snuggle. When I had the whole family over for Thanksgiving, I expected him to hide in the bedroom the whole time. I explained to my grandkids to let him come to them on his own terms and to give him space. Well, Waldo shocked me. He joined everyone downstairs, mostly watched from a safe spot, but by the end he jumped up to the table and sat with us. He is really starting to relax and fit right into the family. I have reassured him that there is nothing he can do that will send him to a new home. We will deal with and adjust our lives to any issue that may arise, but at this point he has been nothing but the sweetest boy. Thank you for giving my husband and I a chance at being his parents, and bless everyone that has had a hand in his care.

Waldo, formerly Christopher and Buster, was adopted in November 2022!