Bluey is now Ziva. Her name needed to be fierce to match her looks. She has been eating well and learning how to tell me she needs to go out for potty.  It seems to be easier since she has big sisters to follow.  Ziva walks on a leash very nicely and has good manners.

I’ve added a couple of pictures. Ziva is sitting like a good girl for a treat and another one of her watching squirrels outside.  Sierra and Indi are in the third picture. Sierra is the GSD/husky mix and is the one Ziva gravitates to.  Indi (formerly Skye) was adopted in 2020 from NCCR. Indi (who was the August 2022 calendar girl) is more of a stinker and an instigator….and has 100% husky attitude.  There is no fighting,  just really rough play and a lot of woooo-woooo  husky talk from all three! 

Ziva was adopted in September 2020.