Formerly Aspen, beautiful Korra is growing up quickly!

Korra is just the BEST!  We all love her so much, including her big sister, Lola Lu, who is 11 and a half years young (she is acting like a puppy again playing and running around with Korra!)  She is up to 24 and a half pounds of sweet and sassy!  The perfect pupper for our family!  She is so funny, she is a bit of a lazy bones in the morning, she doesn’t want to get out of bed with me at 7 and would prefer to sleep until 9ish!  Her alarm clock is the ice maker in the kitchen.  I go downstairs to get ready for work and as soon as I get ice out of the fridge, she nearly knocks me off my feet she runs to the kitchen so fast for her treat!!!!  

Korra is sweet and funny and a great snuggler, except that she is a blanket thief, she pulls the blanket off my lap so she can have it all!!!!  We feel to lucky to have found her! 

Kora was adopted in March 2021.