Back at the “top” farm  after morning chores feeding chickens.  Our morning routine every day…Maddie has been a star…..everything we’ve introduced her to she immediately figures out her relationship to the experience and adapts. She still has the far away look of going off on her own which I have to deal with. I was pruning trees in the yard with both dogs noodling around…I literally looked away for a minute and she was gone. The male stayed with me, didn’t go with her. Michael and I spent a frantic forty minutes calling and looking around the buildings and scanning the pastures. Just as we headed out in a truck to drive up and down the road she came around the corner of a farm building. I thought she was ready to stay with us in the yard but apparently not yet. Too much for her to explore here between farm, fields and acres of woods. The photos are of her and Bassi with us in the woods today checking trails and the cabin. Maddie loves being in the woods, nose down always sniffing, happy. She rode in the Kubota like a champ, jumped on and off with Bassi to run behind or off the trail as we went along. Came every time I called her back to ride but I always had her in sight. She mostly stays with Bassi but will catch up when too far behind. She has settled in to the routine here and has stopped growling at Bassi over food he doesn’t finish up as fast as she does. So, all good, making progress as to knowing this is her home now…….

Maddie was adopted in January 2024.