Formerly Peter Parker, he is now Petey AKA Petey Butter, a nickname he has received because of his love of peanut butter!

He is being spoiled with all the new doggy things money can buy and pleasures of life. On Sundays he likes to go to the park with his little puggle friend Diddy (my neighbors dog also adopted from your rescue). There they play in the creek and when we get home, it’s bath time! He loves the water and playing in the hose so I got a sprinkler for him. At night he likes to lunge after fireflies and chase the flashlight and lazer! This really tires him out! He sure does jump like Spider Man! He loves to sleep on the couch and crashes just like a puppy!  We are working on leash manners because he pulls a lot when we try to go for walks outside of the yard. Petey has a ton of energy and I’m doing my best to keep up with him. I’m hoping we all will continue to adjust and things will get better! 

Petey was adopted in June 2021.